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Debt Settlement Certification, Inc.  (DSCI) offers Debt Settlement Certification Services to
Non-Certified and Certified Debt Settlement Specialists across the country.

Most states require Debt Management, Credit Counseling and Debt Settlement service providers become certified. The Uniform Debt Management Services Act (UDMSA) is a model Act put together in 2005 in an attempt to have uniform standards and practices throughout the country for the Credit Services industry. One such practice is to require certification for any service provider entering into any Debt Management Contract with a Client. This includes ANY and ALL Debt Management Services: Credit Counseling, Debt Management Plan Enrollment, Bill Paying, Budget Counseling and any service negotiating debts on behalf of a client or making payments on behalf of a client. Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling similarly requires Counselors to have a certification. While only a handful of states have adopted the main provisions of the UDMSA, States have taken the certification aspect to heart and have imposed various certification requirements.

Complete Our Debt Settlement Certification Program Online

Our online Certification program, Debt Settlement Certification, enables employee certification from home or the office. 24/7. To maintain your certification simply read the updated material and retest every 2 years. We have Online Reading Material AND Online Testing. 24/7.

This program is the simplest way to obtain required certifications for Debt Management and Debt Settlement services. Plus, the program is LOW COST. Instead of thousands of dollars for your company in wasted travel time, employee downtime, and other associated costs when compared to the other Debt Settlement certification programs available. The entire course, INCLUDING the test, is only $300.00 per student, which is one of the most inexpensive programs in the nation.

No Books to buy. No Seminars. No travel involved. No early morning classes. No downtime for your employees. No continuing education.*

Corporate Volume Discount

Purchase 10 to 19 exams and receive a 10% discount. 20% discount for purchasing 20 exams or more.

* South Carolina requires continuing education for renewal of your Credit Counselor Certification. DSCI has developed a 12 hour continuing education program which consists of 6 hours of 12-hour interactive study and an additional 6 hours of self study to comply with this requirement.

Contact us for more information about scheduling a South Carolina Webinar for continuing education. A separate certificate will be issued for completing the South Carolina continuing education program.