Our Mission

Debt Settlement Certification, Inc. (DSCI) provides certification for credit counselors and debt management service professionals. Our online Certification Programs are streamlined to facilitate increased productivity for your company’s staff through the delivery of high-quality training and certification on your schedule. 100% online.

What We Offer

Our Debt Settlement Certification program is focused on the required general knowledge base you need to provide Debt Settlement assistance to your clients at acceptable standards. This course is designed to provide you with the skills to help you exercise sound judgment so you can properly provide the services of Debt Settlement.

Conditional exemptions may exist for attorneys, financial planners, and CPAs in each State. However, obtaining the Debt Settlement Certification for these licensed professionals is encouraged as the exemptions are sometimes unclear and certification is simple and inexpensive on our program.

Benefits for using Debt Settlement Certification Inc.

Low Cost & No Books
No In Person Seminars & No Continuing Education
No Down Time & 24/7 Online Access
Online Test & Print Certificate Instantly

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