Course Requirements

To register, you must first complete the registration form and create a user account. Once your account is activated, you will be able to log in to the private area of this website to download the Reading Material for the certification course.

Additional and Recommended Reading Material

1.    Debt Free by 30; by Jason Anthony and Karl Cluck
2.    Personal Finance for Dummies 4th edition; by Eric Tyson
3.    The Four Laws of Debt Free Prosperity; by Blaine Harris
4.    The Get Out of Debt Kit; by Deborah McNauthon

Once you have finished studying the provided Reading Material, you can return to the private area of this web site to take the 100-question examination. By earning a passing score, you will have completed this course and are a Certified Debt Settlement Specialist.

Debt Settlement Certification Exam

Time Limit: 2 Hours
Questions: 100
Passing Score: 70%

Fees and Payment

The cost of this course is $300 per student.

NOTICE: Please do not attempt the exam without first studying the provided Reading Materials. Students who do not achieve a passing score or fail to complete the test in the two-hour time limit will need to remit an additional $75 to retake the exam. Contact us for more information.

The two-hour time limit for the test begins when the first question is presented and includes time spent disconnected, so it is very important to use a reliable Internet connection while taking the exam. Dialup is not recommended. If disconnected for any reason, re-establish your Internet connection and return to this site. If there is time remaining after reconnection, you will be able to resume the exam where you left off.

If you achieve a passing score, you will be given the option to print a certificate which identifies you as a Debt Settlement Counselor.

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